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Rethink your limits

At Catalyst Physio and Sports Performance, the primary focus is to provide each and every individual with an impulse for change. We don’t start from a place of limitation, instead exploring the possibilities available to each person.

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Vince helping a patient with a bar bell on his shoulders with correct form for back squats
A woman in workout clothing part way through a twisted crunch
Getting you moving

Our services

We believe you deserve more than what a standard physiotherapy clinic provides – one on one treatments with the physiotherapist with longer treatment times, to ensure you have the time you need and you get the care you deserve. You are always our top priority.

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Make the impossible, possible

Become a better you

Whether it is decreasing pain, improving function, maximizing performance, and everything in between, it is our goal to push those limits you didn’t think were possible. We believe in making you anti-fragile, and in doing so allow for you to achieve your goals, while also understanding how to self-manage and take steps to prevent future injuries.

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Vince performing instrument-assisted soft tissue release treatment on a patient